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Terms and Conditions

  1. All work and materials are tendered by Signwright Limited on the following conditions, and acceptance of such work and materials by the customer shall constitute the customers assent and acceptance.
  2. Price
    • Estimates are based on the information supplied by the customer at the time of quoting. Extra charges will be made for additional work caused by variations to the original specification.
    • All prices are quoted net of Value Added Tax. Value Added Tax at the current rate at the date of invoice will be added where applicable.
    • All prices are net unless otherwise stated.
  3. Preliminary Work
    All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at the customers request shall be charged.
  4. Delivery & Payment
    • Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted DOES NOT include delivery of the work to the customers address.
    • Should expedited delivery be agreed, an extra charge may be levied for overtime.
    • Should any work be suspended or cancelled at the request of the customer, Signwright Limited shall be entitled to payment of the full invoice amount and other additional costs including storage.
    • Signwright Limited is prepared to open a monthly account with the customer. On his letterhead the customer shall provide Signwright Limited with two trade references, a bank reference and such other information as Signwright Limited may require. Signwright Limited reserves the right to deny or remove such facility at any time without notice.
    • The customer shall pay for the goods or service by the end of the month following invoice date. Signwright Limited reserves the right to charge interest on any overdue amounts at the rate of 5.00% per month, calculated on a daily basis.
    • In the event of the customer failing to pay for any goods on the due date, Signwright Limited shall reserve the right to suspend deliveries under this contract or any other contracts with the customer.
    • Goods supplied by Signwright Limited shall remain the property of Signwright Limited until the time of payment of the relative charge is received in full.
    • Non-Account customers payment with order unless otherwise stated in writing.
    • Account customers 30 days net unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    • Monies paid by cheque to Signwright Limited shall not be considered cleared funds until the fifth working day after the cheque is received by Signwright Limited.
    • Monies held on account are valid for 12 months unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  5. Claims
    Advice of damage, delay or partial loss of goods in transit or non-delivery must be given in writing to Signwright Limited and the carrier within three clear days of delivery.
  6. Liability
    Signwright Limited shall not be liable for any loss to the customer arising from any delay in transit not caused by Signwright Limited.
  7. Customers Propery
    Customer's property and all property supplied to Signwright Limited by or on behalf of the customer shall, while it is in possession of Signwright Limited or in transit to or from Signwright Limited, be deemed to be at the customers risk and the customer should ensure accordingly. Vehicles and contents left at the premises of Signwright Limited are left entirely at the owners risk. No liability will be accepted by Signwright Limited for loss or damage to vehicles or contents or property howsoever caused. These terms supersede all other agreements or terms including any verbal statement or promise from any member of Signwright Limited staff or contractor.
  8. Materials supplied by the customers
    Signwright Limited may reject any materials supplied or specified by the customer which appear to be unsuitable. We will take every care to ensure the best results possible but will not accept responsibility for any imperfect work caused by unsuitability or defect of the material supplied.
  9. Terms
    Signwright Limited terms supersede all others, including any buyers agreements.
  10. Deposits
    All deposits paid to Signwright Limited are non-refundable.
  11. Surcharges
    Signwright Limited reserves the right to charge a 2.5% handling fee on all transactions paid to Signwright Limited by Credit Card.
  12. Intellectual Property
    Signwright Limited reserves the right to use images of all work carried out for research and marketing purposes. All images and content within any marketing material including but not limited to, Signwright Limited website, leaflets, brochures, logo's and business cards are the property of Signwright Limited and must not be copied, distributed or used in any way without the express written consent of Signwright Limited.

    By placing an order you are bound by these terms and conditions. Hard copies of the above are available on request from Signwright Limited.