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How Has Signage Evolved?

23rd June 2016
How Has Signage Evolved?

The last 15 years have represented a change to the world that was thought impossible beforehand. Technology has completely revolutionised the way that we live our day to lives, from shopping, to communicating, to how we find our information, its all completely different.

There is one traditional thing that remains though; that being company signage and graphics. Graphics on signs, liveries on vehicles, company logos and many more marketing materials remain mostly traditional, with the exception of some digital signage for some retail markets.

If you ask any sign-maker that is a member of Generation X will remember very well the first time that a computer came into the office. The experience was alien, for obvious reasons, but it marked the future of signwriting. It gave the sign writer a way to make a sign within minutes, a way to reproduce perfect text time and time again at the click of a button.

As time went on, and the early eighties came around the sign writing industry was advancing at an amazing rate. Printers, routers, cheap plastics and computer aided design was making sign writing a completely revolutionised and rejuvenated industry.

Designs quickly became more extravagant, more complex, more visually appealing from then on. The ability to replicate any shape or letter perfectly without fail made a massive difference to this. It also made signwriting cheaper for the companies looking into getting a sign created for their brand.

Gradual improvements continued, with the technology behind signwriting making constant, small improvements until the early 90s, where something else became available that again, revolutionised the industry. The cutting edge technology that we are of course talking about here is the internet, or more specifically the web.

The web allowed signwriters to see other peoples work from all over the world, it allowed the sharing of ideas, the easy communication that was longed for so long. The internet also accelerated the progress of computers, which played a huge role in the progression of the industry.

As time went on, the process of designing signs has become progressively more dependent on computers and the internet. This has extended all the way to today, where 99% of all signs are designed and printed/created using a computer and varying other types of technology.

Signwriting is an extremely efficient, cost effective industry that can provide you with the branding and appearance that you need to push you in front of your competitors for less than anyone could have ever imagined. It allows you to better communicate with your audience, to let everyone know about your brand and what it stands for, and most importantly to encourage customers to use your businesses services or products.